G&Y Powder Scented Baby Wet Wipes – 60 Sheets

SOFT & GENTLE: Our wet baby wipes are designed to provide baby’s skin with the gentle care and pampering it needs while helping you keep it clean without using any alcohol
WATER BASED WIPES: Our sensitive purified-water baby wipes are made using a water based formula that helps maintain the natural pH of the skin. Our wet wipes are soft and light with just the right moisture
CARE YOUR BABY NEEDS: Unlike the rest, this pack of infant baby wipes is dermatologically and microbiologically tested making it the ideal choice for newborns and growing baby’s to keep them clean and comfy
FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: We make our unscented baby wipes without relying on any parabens, artificial fragrances and alcohol to make sure it’s perfect for your baby’s soft and sensitive developing skin

  • Description

    Product Description

    Give Your Baby’s Skin The Care It Deserve With G&Y Water Baby Wipes

    G&Y baby wipes are made specifically for your baby’s sensitive skin. By using cotton and soft materials coupled with a gentle water based formula, G&Y wet baby wipes provide the care sensitive skin needs to keep your baby clean and dry.

    G&Y Sensitive baby wipes offer more thickness and softness making these ideal for wiping messes without leaving harsh marks on your little one’s skin allowing you to use the sensitive wipes in daily like knowing you’re giving your baby the right care.

    Gentle Cleaning That’s Maintain Baby’s Natural Skin Balance

    To help maintain your baby’s natural skin barrier, G&Y comfort wipes are made without using harsh chemicals which coupled with the soft and smooth texture of the wipes makes your baby feel as if being cradled in a loving embrace.

    We use a simple and proven water based formula that offers thorough cleaning while making sure your little bundle of joy stays completely comfy. Each pack comes with a total of 720 baby wipes in 12 boxes so you don’t have to worry about running out.

    More Features You & Your Baby Will Love:
    – G&Y extra-strong diaper wipes are alcohol-free and paraben-free to make these safe for your baby’s skin
    – Makes changing diapers a cleaner and comfortable process for both parents and baby
    – These water wipes can be used as hand wipes, face wipes and more to give your baby the care they need
    – G&Y moist baby diapers are gentle on sensitive skin, dermatologically and microbiologically tested
    – We don’t use an artificial fragrances to bring you unscented baby wipes that you can use daily

    Make Changing Diapers & Cleaning Messes Simple, Quick & Comfy With G&Y Sensitive Purified Water Baby Wipes!