G&Y Paper Napkins 500 Count

White Absorbent Disposable Dinner Napkins, Pure Cellulose

SOFT & ABSORBENT: Each pack comes with 500 pieces of 1-ply paper napkins that are made using 100% Pure Cellulose. Our plain white napkins are more soft and absorbent making these the perfect choice for anyone that wants to serve their guests the comfortable way and keep the costs down

EASY TO DISPOSE: We don’t rely on any harsh chemicals or fabrics to make our dinner napkins bulk set. Thanks to the pure cellulose material they can easily be disposed of making these paper napkins perfect for use at home, office, on the go and anywhere else you want

IDEAL FOR EVERY OCCASION: Whether you’re throwing a party or just looking for paper napkins for daily use, our disposable paper napkin bulk pack has you covered. They make the perfect addition to birthday parties, New Year Celebrations, Christmas Gatherings, Weddings, Catered Events and more

JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: Our white party napkins measures in at 11.81 x 11.81 inches (30 x 30 cm) making them just the right size for any party, event or occasion and offer ample cleaning space for both your face and hands

VERSATILE & MULTI-PURPOSE: Thanks to the large size, softness, and water-absorbent properties of the guest paper napkins they are ideal for use as disposable hand towels, face towels, bathroom napkins, dinner napkins, wedding napkins, disposable kitchen napkins and more

  • Description

    Product Description

    Serve Guests, Family & Friends The Simple & Comfortable Way With G&Y Cellulose Paper Napkins!

    The quality of your napkins and hand towels play a major role in how your guests view your party or event. This is why we designed our paper napkins to bring you a cost-friendly bulk napkin pack that’s soft, absorbent and disposable.

    We only use 100% Pure Cellulose to bring you disposable paper napkins that are comfortable to use and gentle on your skin. They don’t tear away instantly in your hands and offer exceptional water absorption making them ideal for daily use and serving guests.

    Add Elegance & Comfort To Any Room, Party Or Occasion

    With a bright white color and soft texture, G&Y Paper Napkins are the perfect choice for both formal and casual events. They provide the perfect fit for weddings, Christmas parties, graduation parties, corporate events, birthdays and more.

    Each pack comes with 500 sheets of white dinner paper napkins that can easily be disposed of after you’re done. Unlike cloth napkins or towels, there are no lengthy cleanups involved. Simply throw them in the bin without worrying about the cleanup!

    More Features You’ll Love:
    – With 500 sheets in each pack you’ll always have enough and even some to spare
    – Ideal for Home, Office, Restaurants, Catering Events and any other occasion
    – These versatile napkins make the perfect addition to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, powder room, etc.
    – They’ll dry your hands and face without ripping into small, sticky pieces
    – Our paper napkins are perfect for drying quickly as well as being soft and gentle on your skin

    Upscale The Comfort Of Your Bathroom, Party, Kitchen Or Event With G&Y Bulk Paper Napkins!