G&Y 8 Giant Rolls Bathroom Tissue – Unscented – 1200 Sheet

1200 Sheets*
100% Pure Cellulose

THICKER & ABSORBENT: Our toilet paper rolls are made using only 100% Cellulose that’s thicker, softer and more absorbent than regular toilet paper to ensure a comfortable wiping experience
ROLLS THAT LAST: Each toilet paper roll uses a stronger core that allows us to roll more sheets on a single core to bring you longer lasting bathroom paper rolls with 1200 sheets each
REFRESHING SCENT: We also have different scented toilet paper rolls will spread a refreshing scent of Lavender, Powder and Yellow Rose throughout your toilet making it ideal for use at home, offices, restaurants and more
SAFE TO FLUSH: With our cellulose toilet paper, you don’t have to worry about clogged pipes. Our soft toilet paper is safe for all standard sewer and septic systems for convenient use

  • Description

    Product Description

    Enjoy A Comfortable Cleaning Experience With G&Y Soft 2 Ply Toilet Paper Rolls!

    No one wants to spend their time searching for a comfortable, soft and absorbent toilet paper set which is why we’re here to make things simple for you by bringing you toilet paper that hits all the check marks and smells just as good as it feels.

    By combining a thick 2 ply design with a 100% cellulose construction, we bring you toilet paper that offers just the right balance between softness and strength to ensure a clean and smooth experience without any worry making it the ideal choice for any toilet.

    Upscale Your Toilet Experience Without Breaking The Bank

    G&Y 2 ply toilet paper is made to bring you a thorough and comfortable clean without ripping mid-way. Each rolls has 1200 sheet* to last your longer which means you don’t need to change the toilet paper roll every other week.

    Thanks to the absorbency of G&Y toilet paper, you can use less and still get the same or better cleaning than the rest. Each roll of G&Y toilet paper gives you two durable yet soft layers to upscale your daily toilet routine.

    More Features You’ll Love:
    – G&Y toilet tissues are safe for use in standard sewer and septic systems
    – The 2 ply design adds more sturdiness to each sheet so you can use without worry
    – Our mega roll toilet paper smells refreshing thanks to the our other scented products
    – G&Y toilet paper mega rolls offer a fresh, gentle and effective clean without tearing

    Add More Comfort To Your Daily Toilet Routine Effortlessly With G&Y 2 Ply Toilet Paper Rolls!


    * 600 x 2 Ply = 1200 Sheets.
    ** Regular Roll is 150 Sheets.

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